Step 1:
  • Tribecar or Car Club members, click “Members”.
  • Other Car-Sharing Providers (e.g. Shariot, GetGo, BlueSG, Car Lite, Drive lah, WhizzCar, etc), just click “Non-Members”. You DO NO NEED to be our member to participate!

Step 2:
  • Members, just submit your email.
  • Non-Members, submit your details.

  • Submit your Email - you only need to do this ONCE during the lucky draw period.
  • After submission, ALL your reservation during the lucky draw period will be entered into the draw.
  • Every reservation will get 25 chances for the lucky draw.
  • You'll stand to win in our Weekly Giveaway.

  • Enter the following details to qualify for 1 chance for the Lucky Draw:
    • Email
    • Mobile Number
    • Reservation Image
  • You may submit multiple entries! As long as you have unique bookings to submit, you can do so. And they can be from any period. Even last year’s reservation is fine!
  • You’ll stand to win in our Weekly Giveaway. Every submission will give you 1 chance for that particular Friday Weekly Giveaway.
  • You may receive marketing emails from us. But you can choose to unsubscribe them if you prefer not to hear from us. Your personal details will only be kept for 6 months for compliance reasons before it is purged from the system.

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Everyone Can Win Lucky Draw Winner

The draw date is 2 September 2022, Friday, So, watch this place for our announcement!

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