Drive more, Earn more with Tribecar!
The Tribecar Driver Rewards Program is designed to appreciate our valued Grab driver-partners. We understand the long hours and dedication you put in to serve your passengers, and we want to reward you for choosing Tribecar for your PHV needs.
How it Works:
The program is simple! The more hours you clock driving a Tribecar vehicle for PHV purposes within a month, the higher your incentive payout will be. There are no complicated tiers or requirements to join – just drive and earn!
In a month
100 to 300 hours
301 to 500 hours
500 hours & more
$30 Promo code
$100 Promo code
$200 Promo code
In a month
100 to 300 hours
$30 Promo code
301 to 500 hours
$100 Promo code
500 hours & more
$200 Promo code
Tribecar's Benefits for Grab Hourly Rental
Here are more great benefits to drive with us
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Grab Hourly Rental Exclusive rates from as low as $2.18 per hour
Super Off-Peak
*Weekdays only (Mon 12am to Fri 5pm; except Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holidays)
No commitment or long-term contract
Rent as short as an hour or up to a day or a week
Most extensive locations island-wide with more than 1300+ locations
How to Sign Up
Step 1
Register for a Tribecar Account
Go to and complete your registration
Step 2
Register for Grab
Click on this link and get your account approved:
Step 3
Write in to Tribecar
Capture an image or screenshot of your Grab driver's profile and PDVL, then use the provided Google Form link ( to complete the required fields.

Please wait for our reply telling you that your account is approved and ready before making any bookings for Grab to enjoy special rates on the promotion!
Things to Note
Here are some frequently ask questions on our Grab Hourly Rental
What are the Terms and Conditions for the Tribecar Driver Rewards Program?
  1. Your booking hours are counted based on eligible bookings within the calendar month, starting from May 2024.
  2. In order to be eligible:
    1. Users have to write in to [email protected] with the following information:
      1. Email subject: TC GRAB MONTHLY INCENTIVE
      2. Month to claim
      3. Screenshots of the Grab Drive Profile History for how many jobs completed for the month
    2. Users will have to be a registered as a Grab driver on Tribecar's platform by the last day of the previous month
    3. User will have to complete at least 100 hours of bookings within the calendar month
    4. User will have to submit the email claim by the 10th day of the next month
  3. Promo code will be valid for a period of 28 days from date of email responded by Tribecar's Customer Service team
  4. Promo code is not valid for use in conjunction with other promotions
  5. Tribecar reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice
Do you need to provide Grab any information?
  1. Simply sign up for an account with Grab and mention Tribecar as your rental partner.
Do I need to attend Grab's briefing?
  1. No, just sign up online via this link:
How to update your carplate on Grab app?
  1. To update your vehicle details with Grab,
  2. Step 1: Go to Grab driver app and tap "Help Centre"
  3. Step 2: Go to "Account and Setup" and submit the request via "I want to update my car plate number"

  4. Hirers are advised to download and check the validity of the documents required (Log card (Vehicle Registration Details), Certificate of Insurance, PHV Decal) at least 1 day in advance and send in these documents 1 hour prior to your booking start time.

  5. Please contact Grab directly if your car-plate is not updated 5 minutes prior to your start trip.
What are the rates to drive with Grab?
  1. All Grab drivers registered with Tribecar will be able to book the ALL car categories from only $2.00 (before GST) to $5.90 (before GST).

  2. These discounts only apply to hourly rates during weekdays (before Friday 5pm). *(excluding public holidays)
I am a new driver from a non-Grab car rental/car-sharing company, is there anything else I need to do to sign up for GPH?
  1. We need to flag your account for Grab usage. Before we can do that, please attach a screenshot of your Grab Driver's profile & PDVL through this google form link (
What happens when I stop driving for Grab? Am I still eligible for the discounted rates?
  1. Your Grab status on Tribecar will be kept active as long as you have made recent bookings. Should you no longer have the intention to rent with us for Grab purposes, do let us know as well so that we can un-flag your account as a Grab Driver. Once the status is removed, you will not be entitled to the discounted rates.
How long will this program be?
  1. We will review this program every 3 months. For as long as this program is economically viable, Tribecar will continue to run this program.
Let's get in touch!
If you require any emergency assistance during your booking, go to your Tribecar booking, click on the "Need Help" button to contact us.
Otherwise, please send us an email to [email protected]