Do you...

  • have daily errands that require a vehicle?
  • need to send your spouse or children to and from work or school?
  • often drive out for meals as and when you feel like it?
Then, the Subscription with Tribecar is created just for you!



ATTRACTIVE Year End Promotion at just $106.82

for 4 Weeks (Up to $139.52)


VALUED up to $664.90

every month


FREE 2 hours daily

on weekdays


FULL ACCESS* to all categories

in Tribecar's more than 1,300 vehicle fleet


TRUE Mobility Freedom

book your ride up to 2 hours prior to pick-up


NEW Driver Privileges

inclusive of New Drivers' surcharge within subscription's free hours

During the introductory period, Tribecar members need only pay $106.82^ for 4 weeks instead of $139.52. As part of the subscription service, members will get to pick up ANY vehicle in Tribecar’s fleet for free for up to 2 hours a day, Monday 12am to Friday 5pm.

What’s more, for a limited time, New Drivers’ Surcharge is inclusive within the subscription fees for New Drivers for FREE!

There are limited sign-ups per area to ensure the vehicle’s availability for users within the area, so HURRY before registration is closed for your area!
^ Year End promotion pricing. Usual price at $139.52.


Step one

Step 1:

Log into your Tribecar account

Step two

Step 2:

Go into the menu and click on the "Subscription" button

Step three

Step 3:

Click on "Subscribe"

Step four

Step 4:

Complete payment as prompted

Step five

Step 5:



  1. Who is eligible for the subscription plan?
    Everyone is eligible for the subscription plan to own a car for 2 hours every weekday (Monday 12am to Friday 5pm). However, as Grab drivers already have discounted rates applied, this subscription plan will not be eligible for PHV drivers.
  2. Will there be additional add-ons included in the subscription plan?
    Add-ons such as additional drivers, PAI and CDW will not be included in the subscription plan but will be available to purchase.
  3. Will this subscription plan be applicable to all vehicle models?
    Yes, this subscription plan covers all vehicle models so you can book any available vehicle (even the Standard MPV+) in our fleet.
  4. Will this subscription plan be applicable for all days in the month?
    This subscription plan is for weekdays only and will not be applicable from Friday after 1700 to Sunday 2359. Additionally, public holidays will not be applicable for the subscription plan.
  5. Will I have full access to all vehicles?
    Yes, all experienced drivers will have full access to all vehicles. Meanwhile, all New Drivers will have full access to all New Driver vehicles.

For more information, please check out the following pages: