Welcome to Car Club by Tribecar!

Since 1997, we’ve been leading the Car-Sharing platform in Singapore, and driving everyone with our best. And now, the best just got a whole lot better!

Drive now with our reintroduced prices

We have now made our rates much more competitive, so no more excuses for not driving the best. Check it out!

The first Car-Sharing platform with a Service Guarantee!

When you use our cars, WE will GUARANTEE the following:

  • No Warning Lights
  • No Balding Tyres
  • Functional Aircon
  • Functional IU
  • Functional Radio
  • Functional Exterior Lights


A first in the Car-Sharing industry!

With just $10.79 every 4 weeks (billed every 12 weeks), everyone in our family can enjoy this optional add-on. To subscribe, simply log in to your account and opt-in! Do note that you’ll need to do it on our website for now.


Specially Dedicated Customer Service

What you always love about us, it’s still here! And now, it also comes with a Specially Dedicated Chat.

Greater Value

- Monthly Discount Vouchers

3 x $6.54 (Min $19.62 time charge)

- Monthly Mileage Rebates

Enjoy a $16.35 voucher (min. $21.80 time charge) when you clock more than 500km each month!

- Free Monthly Motorcycle Rides!

3-hour Free Booking (worth $9.15)

- Family & 'Stealth' Perks

Free Additional Drivers, No Decals and No Card Reader!


Greater Peace of Mind

- (NEW) Car Club Service Guarantee!

Get your Driving Vouchers if we do not drive up your expectations!

- On The Road Protection

Get one tyre incident waiver (up to $65.40) for every 12 weeks purchase of the Season Pass. *Season Pass must be active at the time of the tire incident.

- Discounted TribeShield

Get 15% off TribeShield which reduces your final excess outlay to as little as $545.00.

- Free PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

Get complimentary PAI on all your bookings!


  1. How do I differentiate between a Car Club Car and a Tribecar Car on the website or application?
    • Car Club vehicles will be in a green icon on the website and application, while Tribecar vehicles are in blue.

  2. Can Car Club vehicles be used for PHV?
    • Unfortunately, no. For PHV vehicles please make a reservation for Tribecar vehicles.

  3. If there are any reservation issues or enquiries, who should I contact?
    • We have opened a priority access email for all existing Car Club customers. Simply email to [email protected] to reach the same team that has served you all these decades. For all other users of Car Club categories of cars, please email to [email protected]. We will verify your account status when you email in so please do not send to the wrong inbox!

      For more details, please refer to https://help.tribecar.com/support/home

  4. Can existing Tribecar customers sign up for Season Pass?
    • Of course! We’re one big and awesome family after all.

  5. Can Tribecar customers book Car Club categories of cars?
    • Yes! Take note of the slightly higher rates and the mileage charges as fuel is included. Also, bear in mind that Car Club vehicles are kept to an even higher standards so team enforcement will be a little more particular. Please take care of the cars!

  6. I am an existing member of Car Club, what should I take note of when I book a car using the Tribecar platform?
    • Please refer to the infographics at the bottom of the page. That should cover the key differences between the two systems. Additionally, you may wish to take note of the following:

      1. Reporting of Damages - Photo evidence is very important to protect your interests! Always report the damages at the start of your trip and remember to upload both your start and end trip images during your booking. Please retain your images for a period of 2 months from the booking date and provide the original images to us upon our request. The Enforcement team only works off these photos submitted by you and fellow members and do not work off "he-say-she-say, hearsay" explanations or "I have been driving for decades..." reasons as photographic proof is the fairest way to manage the community. Accidents happens because they are unintended and can happen without an obvious sound or motion. So take a minute or two to properly inspect the vehicle and document it to protect your interest.
      2. Early Pick Up / Late Fees / Extensions - The cars can be picked up as early as 30 minutes before the Start Time provided there is no reservations before then. Even if the car is physically there, if there is a prior reservation, you will not be able to pick up the car.

        Late fees apply on a block of 15 minutes basis, instead of a per minute basis previously in the Car Club system. Late fees are never waived unless there is a system issue. We will base all appeals solely on the GPS and telematics of the vehicle. Please be on time as you may affect the plans of subsequent hirers. You may also wish to know that 50% of late fees is passed to the subsequent affected hirer as compensation.

        You can extend 15 mins once per hour on the App. Otherwise, please plan your journey and ensure you have adequate time to return the vehicle or sufficient time to extend your booking. Extensions are only permitted if there is no subsequent hirer.
      3. Type of Cars - Tribecar has a wide range of vehicles. It varies from the solid road-worthy COE car to the brand new 10km-on-the-odometer type of car. The pricing reflects the type of car that you will be completing your journey on. As a general guide, we highly recommend our Car Club members to stick to Car Club categories of cars or the Standard or higher categories in Tribecar.

  7. How do I redeem Season Pass Benefit?
    • Once you have subscribed, the Season Pass will be automatically issued to you. Please follow the guide below to redeem some of the perks. Kindly write in to [email protected] for assistance.

      1. Discount Vouchers - We will issue three vouchers at the start of every 4 weeks and you will receive them in your inbox as well as on your account page on our website. You must not share the promo codes as they are unique to you.
      2. Mileage Voucher - Simply send in a request for this voucher once you have clocked more than 500km in a calendar month on Car Club categories of cars (i.e. Select / Prime).
      3. Motorcycle Voucher- We will issue this voucher at the start of every 4 weeks and you will receive it in your inbox as well as on your account page on our website. You must not share the promo code as it is unique to you.
      4. Free Additional Drivers - Please add and pay for the Additional Driver first. Simply email us with your booking number to be reimbursed.
      5. Discounted Tribeshield - You do not have to do anything. It will be automatically selected for you.
      6. Free PAI - You do not have to do anything. It will be automatically selected for you.
      7. Tyre Incident - Please pay for the tyre incident as per normal first. Simply email us with your booking number to be reimbursed.
      8. Service Guarantee - If we do not meet the service guarantee, complete your trip and file for a claim later. Simply email us with your booking number to obtain the vouchers. You must include photographic proof (e.g. Tyre with tread less than the wear indicator, dashboard with warning lights, non-functioning exterior lights, aircon controls for aircon issues, radio for radio issues, IU for IU issues.) Please note that vouchers will not be issued for operational issue (e.g. CashCard inserted wrongly, aircon works fine for subsequent hirers, aircon with A/C mode switched off). Please note that the Service Guarantee is only applicable to Car Club categories of cars.