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Adventure Cove Waterpark

Get immersed in a true world of water at Adventure Cove Waterpark. Let your hair down and relax on a float, or ride the massive waves of the Adventure River. Get your dose of adrenaline and soar on Adventure Cove Waterpark's hydro-magnetic coaster, the RipTide! Enjoy marine life up close as you slip through the transparent tunnel of Underwater World. Then, swim among the 20,000 fishes at Rainbow Reef.

13 Rides & Attractions
- Adventure River: Lay back and drift down Adventure River, taking in 14 stunning themed zones, including a jungle garden and grotto cave.
- Big Bucket Treehouse: Brace yourself for the tipping of the brimming buckets, just some of the many water plays loved by kids of all ages!
- Bluwater Bay: Frolic in this giant pool and feel your excitement build with the waves!
- Dueling Racer: Put your slide skills to the test against your partner on this thrilling two-lane waterslide in a race to the bottom.
- Pipeline Plunge: Get soaked in a dark tunnel, be surprised by radical twists and exhilarating dips before plunging into a pool of water.
- Rainbow Reef: Come snorkel around the most incredible rainbow reef and be stunned by the kaleidoscopic colours of 20,000 reef inhabitants.
- Ray Bay Encounter: Wade in with dozens of rays for an unforgettable, interactive feeding encounter.
- Riptide Rocket: Be prepared for a series of gravity-defying climbs and plummeting, twist and turns and adrenaline-pumping drops.
- Seahorse Hideaway: Let your little ones have a splashing good time dodging the squirting seahorses in a wading pool as you watch on.
- Spiral Washout: Get funnelled down an exhilarating tube ride and sent reeling at incredible speeds. It’s a washout of epic proportions!
- Splashworks: Stack on challenge after challenge. The insane fun includes challenging water activities over a welcoming deep pool.
- [Temporarily Unavailable] Tidal Twister: What begins as a gentle flume ride soon descends into multiple swirls, sending you careening at maximum speed and fun!
- Whirlpool Washout: Get carried at high speed through spinning revolutions and whirlpool before ‘washing out’ into an open splash pool.


  • 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Closed on Wednesdays


- Peak Tickets
- Enter the park any day during the operating hours.
- Their latest operating hours can be found at 
- Safe Management Measures at Adventure Cove Waterpark Visitors to the Adventure Cove Waterpark are to adhere to Safe Management Measures to ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone.
- Strict capacity limits at all queue lines.
- Guests are to wear masks at all times except when consuming food and while queuing for and during rides.
- Guests are to maintain a safe distance at all queue lines and remain within denoted space allocated.
- While in the water, guests are required to maintain a distance of three metres between groups.
- No mingling of guests between cabanas are allowed, and mandatory temperature checks as well as check-in and check-out upon arrival and departure from the attraction will continue to be implemented.
- All life vests, snorkeling equipment, goggles, gloves, and booties will be disinfected before and after every use.
- Most water attractions are physically demanding, and is not recommended for expectant mothers.
- For safety of guests and team members in the event of severe weather with lightning, all outdoor attractions in Adventure Cove Waterpark may close temporarily.
- However, basic swim goggles and baby aided floating devices are permitted.
- Flotation device for adults and life jackets for adults and children are available free of charge in the waterpark.
- A complimentary Rider's Guide for guests with disabilities is available at Guest Services windows located inside the Waterpark.
- For the safety of our guests, swim masks are not permitted inside Adventure Cove Waterpark.
- Please kindly visit Adventure Cove Waterpark™ official website for any updates of operation hours.

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