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S.E.A. Aquarium

Explore the depths of the world's oceans at one of the largest aquariums in the world: S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore! Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, and discover the underwater world and its great variety of fish species, sharks and more. Head to the enormous viewing panel, and a peek at life under the sea. Watch over 100,000 sea creatures in the aquarium, including leopard sharks, goliath groupers, and squadrons of beautiful manta rays.

7 Themed Zones:
- Shipwrecked!: Discover how shipwrecks become artificial reefs and home to sea creatures like the zebra shark at Shipwrecked!, one of the largest habitats.
- School of Fish: Discover 5,000 fishes, interact with marine animals at the Discovery Pool, test your marine knowledge, learn about Singapore's marine biodiversity and more at the School of Fish.
- Ocean Diversity: Oceans are home to more than the colourful fishes we know and love. Come marvel at the diversity of marine life including octopus, dolphins and over 1,000 amazing sea jellies.
- Open Ocean Habitat: Open Ocean Habitat is teeming with life with over 40,000 marine creatures across 120 different species. Watch them glide majestically above you at the Ocean Dome!
- Quirky Adaptations: oceans are filled with so many wonderful creatures, some more other-worldly than others! Come be amazed by nature’s quirky characters including the elephant fish and poison arrow frogs.
- Underwater City: Discover the wonders of coral reefs. These city-like large underwater structures are important to the marine ecosystem. Come learn why and how we can play our part in saving them.
- Apex Predators of the Sea: Come meet 12 species of shark, over 100 apex predators of the sea, including the tawny nurse shark and the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark.


  • 10:00am to 5:00pm daily

Park operating hours are subjected to change without prior notice, guest may visit: for updates prior to visit.


- Non-Refundable & No Cancellation.
- No Amendment on Visit Date.
- Valid only on selected date.
- All shows, public feeding sessions and character meet-and-greet will not be available until further notice.
- Ocean Dreams is temporarily suspended until further notice.
- Do note that attraction operation hours are subject to change.
- All shows, public feeding sessions and character meet-and-greet will not be available until further notice.
- S.E.A. Aquarium operating hours vary based on the time of year and day of week.
- S.E.A. Aquarium offers barrier-free accessibility inside the attraction. Guests travelling in wheelchairs can access most of the routes in S.E.A.

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