Be a part time Delivery Ninja and earn more than $120 a day

What is Ninjavan?

  • A tech logistic company
  • South East Asia’s fastest growing last-mile logistic company
  • Focusing on e-commerce

Why Ninjavan?

  • Earn up to $120 per day
  • Save petrol and deliver parcels only within 5km radius
  • Work at your own schedule and choose only days when you are available
  • Deliver based on the area you bid and choose to deliver near high volume areas.

What are the requirements to be a Delivery Ninja?

  • An Android phone
  • Wearing close toe shoes for safety at the warehouse
  • Cash is small denominations as change to customers
  • Physical bar or QR code (Both Optional)

What is payment paid to Delivery Ninja

  • Done via bank transfer at the 10th of the next month
  • Minimum parcel required is at 30 per driver

How to get started

  1. Register and download
    Register with the Ninja Van website (click here) Come for briefing at 30 Jalan Kilang Barat and download the Ninja Driver app from Google Play Store before coming
  2. Bid for job through link
    Registered Drivers will be given a link to bid for jobs, announcement will be given daily on whether jobs are available
  3. Pick up parcels
    Go to Ninja Van warehouse to collect the parcels, we have warehouse at east and west side
  4. Deliver
    Make deliveries of our parcels and obtain customer signature using Ninja Driver App
  5. Return parcels to warehouse
    Return all undelivered parcels to the Ninja Van warehouse. You must return all undelivered parcels by 10pm on the same day.

Example of earnings

$2.30 per successful delivery to each location +

Pickup: same rate as delivery
Reservation: $3.50
Orchard Area: $3.50

Driver A take 50 locations and did 49 locations successfully, he will get
49 x $2.30 + 10 (medium) * $0.50 = $132.40

Rates are just an example and can be subjected to changes.