Dear loyal and beloved WhizzCar Member,

You might have read in the news that we have been acquired by the owners of Tribecar, read more here. We are excited to join the Tribecar family and enjoy a wider network and better services!

To ensure you have a smooth migration and be able to start booking all your favourite WhizzCar cars as well as all the vehicles from our brand new platform after 9 November 2022, please:

  1. Agree to the Terms & Conditions below.
  2. Update your information via Singpass.
  3. Look out for your password that will be SMS-ed to you.

Once you are migrated, you will have access to all your WhizzCar vehicles under a more competitive pricing and mileage structure, as well as wider and more affordable vehicle categories, including commercial vehicles and motorbikes on Tribecar’s platform. Booking vehicles will be even easier and more convenient through Tribecar’s app and website. The WhizzCar Customer Support Team that you all love will also continue to serve you!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Your WhizzCar Deposit will be migrated to Tribecar as Tribecar Deposit. Once migrated, you will become a full Member of Tribecar.
  2. Your Driving Credits will be migrated to Tribecar e-wallet (under Tribecar Pte. Ltd.) to become e-wallet credits on a dollar-for-dollar basis on 9 November 2022. Once migrated, your Driving Credits will show up as e-wallet credits in your Tribecar account within 2 working days.
  3. These e-wallet credits can be used for peak, off-peak, super off-peak, weekday, and weekend bookings. They will be valid for one year from 10 November 2022. For those with more than $2,000 e-wallet credits, we will contact you separately for a special arrangement but if you do not hear from us by 23rd Nov 2022, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.
  4. Your membership fee for November will be converted to our Season Pass and you’ll get 3 months FREE.
  5. If you migrate over with no deposit, you will be placed under a Trial Membership until 31st Dec 2022, 23:59. You will also not be entitled to any Free Season Pass. If you have any existing Driving Credits, they will also expire by 31st December 23:59. Therefore, you’ll need to place a deposit with Tribecar before 31st December 23:59 to enjoy the benefits of being a Full Member and the extended validity of your Driving Credits if you have any, as mentioned in Point 3. If you are already a Tribecar/Car Club Full Member, then the migrated e-wallet credits will instead follow the validity as mentioned in Point 3.
  6. If you do not complete this migration to Tribecar by 31st Dec 2022, 23:59, only your security deposit (excluding driving credits) will be migrated.
  7. If you were previously banned/suspended from Tribecar, you will automatically be permitted to access Tribecar services again so long as your Tribecar account is active.
  8. The timeline stated above may be varied as necessary by the management.
  9. You will be bound by Tribecar Pte. Ltd.’s Terms & Conditions.

In addition to emails & direct mailers, please also send me marketing and promotional material(s) via the following mode(s) regardless of my registration with the Do Not Call Registry:

I acknowledge that: (a) leaving any of the boxes above blank is not a withdrawal of any consents which I may have previously provided to the Owner in relation to my personal data, (b) my consent for Promotional Purposes (i) does not supersede or replace any other consent previously provided to the Owner and is in addition to other rights which the Owner may have at law to collect, use or disclose my personal data and (ii) shall survive the termination or expiry of any agreement or other relationship between us.

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