Planning your trip to Malaysia for the holidays?

Get up to 43% OFF Malaysia attraction/package prices when you Travel with Tribecar to Malaysia!

Experience unique trips together with your family and friends – simply add on the attraction/package of your choice to your vehicle rental!

Available Attractions

Lego Water Theme Park
Legoland Sea Life
Desaru Coast Waterpark

Available Packages

How To Book Malaysia Attractions/Packages with Tribecar

Step 1

Step 1:

Log into your Tribecar account.

Step 2

Step 2:

Select your preferred date, time (minimum 12 hours) and location for your vehicle rental that is valid for Malaysia entry.

Step 3

Step 3:

Under ‘Optional Add-Ons’, select ‘Entry To Malaysia’.

Step 4

Step 4:

Also under ‘Optional Add-Ons’, click on ‘Attractions/Packages’ then ‘Add’ to view the available options.

Step 5

Step 5:

Click on ‘View’ for more details of the attraction/package.

Step 6

Step 6:

Select quantity* of tickets/pax for your preferred attraction/package.

Step 7

Step 7:

Confirm your booking details for vehicle rental and attraction/package before proceeding to make payment.

Step 8

Step 8:

Booking received! Booking confirmation of vehicle rental and attraction/package will be sent separately via email (typically within the hour but may take up to 3 days for some exclusive attraction/package).

Step 9

Step 9:

Bookings for packages will require more information. Click on the link in the email to fill up the Google Form with the required information.

* Discount varies according to the number of hours/tickets. To get the max discount, please follow the description on the attraction images in the section above.

For more information on how to redeem the attraction tickets and terms and conditions, please refer to your email containing the attraction tickets.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can book the Malaysia attractions/packages as bundle add-ons?

This is a value-added service for our members only, hence you will have to be a Tribecar member to purchase the attraction tickets as bundle add-ons and enjoy the savings!

Can I book attractions/packages without making a booking for vehicle rental?

Booking of attractions/packages must be added on to vehicle rental as a bundle add-on. Add-on your selected attractions/packages to your vehicle rental for attractive discounts!

Can I select multiple attractions/packages in a booking?

Only single attractions/packages are available at this point. Make a separate booking to select another attraction/package and enjoy the discounts!

Is there any minimum requirement to meet for Malaysia-related bundle add-ons?

As with the existing terms for Malaysia use, the minimum hours of booking required to enter Malaysia is 24 hours. Book longer hours for more discounts!

What are the prices for the bundle add-ons and how much is the discount?

Each bundle add-on will result in a different booking price and the discount varies according to the number of days/tickets/pax selected. The price will be displayed on the booking page based on the selected quantity.

Tip: Make a booking for the visit on Mondays to Thursdays for greater savings!

For more information, please visit the following pages: