Driver's Benefit

  • Most competitive rates in town!
  • PDVL license are NOT required.
  • For those who are waiting for their PDVL license/test, you can start earning money and get familiar with the roads.
  • Flexibility to choose any 2-hours time slots to do delivery (throughout the day between 10:00AM – 10:00PM)
  • Island wide locations to choose from – you can work in your neighbourhood!
  • No handling of cash.
  • Weekly payments.
  • $18 before 20% commission to Honestbee per food delivery.


  1. Owns an Android smartphone with data
  2. Valid Driving licence
  3. Above 18 years old
  4. Singaporeans/PRs
  5. Good command of English

How to sign up?

  1. Go to our website -
  2. Select Singapore as location
  3. Choose “Ad Hoc Deliverer” as role to apply
  4. Fill in all relevant details
  5. Attend our briefing session
    • Every Tuesday, 3:00pm
    • Every Wednesday, 10:00am


  1. Do I need to attend honestbee’s on-boarding session?
    Yes, we will be guiding you through the entire delivery process!
  2. Why should I rent from Tribecar to complete my hoenstbee deliveries?
    Because you will receive EXCLUSIVE, DISCOUNTED rates when you rent from Monday to Fri (11am – 5pm). Note that rates are not applicable for daily/weekly rental are not applicable for the discount.
  3. I am currently an honestbee deliverer, do I enjoy the discounted rate?
    Certainly, but only if you rent from Tribecar and deliver for honestbee during that time slot. You will receive the rebates weekly.
  4. When will I receive pay out for the deliveries I did?
    All deliveries done in the previous week (Mon – Sun) will be paid on the following Friday by 6:30pm.
  5. What attire do I need when doing deliveries?
    honestbee lanyard for identification should be worn. Covered shoes would be advised. Food bags will be given if you are interested in doing food delivery!