Benefits of Grab PowerHour

  • Earn more with exclusive weekly incentives with both Tribecar and Grab
  • Car plate details automatically updated by Grab at the start of your booking
  • Rental from as low as $2/hr
  • No commitment or long term contract
  • Rent as short as one hour or up to 8 weeks with daily capped rate
  • Most extensive locations island wide with more than 220+ locations

How To Signup

Step 1: Register for a Tribecar account
Go to: and complete your registration either through online OR our briefing session

Step 2: Register for Grab
Join the Grab PowerHour Plus Program, a powered up programme that lets you rent by the hour and makes more by the hour.
Exclusive Incentives for you:

Sign-up Incentives
  • Free $50 Grab credit
  • Free $18 Tribecar credit
Ongoing Incentives From Grab
Weekly trip incentive by Grab.

From Tribecar
  • 10 Trips: $10 credit*
  • 30 Trips: $20 credit*
  • 70 Trips: $30 credit*
  • 100 Trips: $30 credit*
  • 140 Trips: $30 credit*
Average Fare Guarantee $10 Average fare guaranteed by Grab
Referral Fee From Grab
$50 referral fee when your friend completes 10 trips within their first 7 days upon activation.

From Tribecar
$15 each when you refer a friend with your own referral link and your friend top up $50 into his/her e-wallet.

Things to note:

(a) Do you need to provide Grab any information?
Simply sign up for an account with Grab and mention Tribecar as your rental partner. You do not need to provide any rental agreement/logcard or insurance to Grab.

(b) Do I need to attend Grab’s briefing?
Simple sign up online under the Grab PowerHour via the link below.

(c) When will my carplate be updated on Grab App
At the time of your booking, logout and login your Grab app to see the updated car plate.

(d) What are the terms and conditions of the new promotion launched on 28th Mar 2018?
All Grab drivers registered with Tribecar will be able to book the Standards Cars and the Economy+ Cars from only $3.90 to to $5.90 (starting 2nd Apr 2018, 12:00 hours). These discounts only apply to Weekday hourly rates.

(e) How can I be eligible for the Tribecar's on-going incentives under Grab Powerhour?
You must also fulfill the number of trips as stated above AND have an average rental of $4 (existing Grab drivers already on Tribecar platform) or $5 (new Grab drivers aft 27th Mar 2018) per hour. Example of calculation - $30 (Total rental spent on the week) / 5 (Total number of hours booked) = Average of $6 spent per hour.

(f) Are existing Grab Drivers on Tribecar automatically enrolled in this program?
To enjoy the discounted rates and weekly incentives, the Tribecar member must have been eligible for Grab weekly trip incentives in the last 4 weeks.

(g) I am a new driver from a non-Grab car rental/car-sharing company, is there anything else I need to do to sign up for GPH?
We need to flag your account for Grab usage. Before we can do that, please email us ([email protected]) a copy of your car rental agreement or a screenshot of your past online booking records.

(h) What happens when I stop driving for Grab? Am I still eligible for the discounted rates?
Your Grab status on Tribecar will be kept active if:
- As a new Grab drive, you obtain a Grab weekly trip incentive for at least 2 weeks in a month.
- For existing Grab drivers, you obtain a Grab weekly trip incentive for at least 3 weeks in 2 months.
If the status is removed, you will not be entitled to the discounted rates.

(i) How long will this program be?
We will review this program every 3 months. For as long as this program is economically viable, Tribecar will continue to run this program.

* To qualify for the above weekly incentives, new drivers need to maintain Acceptance Rate of above 90%, Cancellation Rate of below 10%, Driver Rating of at least 4.3 and be compliant with PDVL Regulations.

Contact Details:

Tribecar: If you require any emergency assistance during your booking, go to your Tribecar booking, click on the "Emergency No" to call us. Otherwise, please send us an email to [email protected]

Grab: 6655 0005